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So I’ve been a bit of a ghost for the last 3 months in the land of blogging. I’ve had a super busy last few months, leaving my old job, starting a new one and to be honest, blogging was at the bottom of the priority list.

I started this blog almost 2 years ago as a creative outlet. Something to do to relax and unwind, so pretty much an alternative to couch, pizza and Netflix. However, when your brain is burnt out from long weeks at work, your words usually don’t make it to the page outside of the office.

The last year has been hectic busy and I’ve been more career focused than I ever thought I could be. But as the end of the year draws closer, looking back I’ve focused way more of my life this year on work than, well, actual life.

There’s nothing like a bit of self realization to really kick you up the ass so you remember what’s important in life.

On that note, I’m taking off to Hawaii for Christmas and New Year to relax, unwind and chill to begin the new year the way every year should. On a beach, in the sun, with a drink in my hand.

Mahalo motherfuckers.






Recently I was lucky enough to travel to HK and the UK for work. Typically even though it was a work trip, I couldn’t help but document it all.

Much to the dismay and embarrassment of my work colleagues, who really should be used to it by now, I took to the streets like a full blown tourist, camera strapped to my neck and throwing out peace signs where ever I could.

It’s amazing how awkward people get when you pull a camera out. It’s like the biggest taboo and screams TOURIST. But news flash, HELLO, I am a tourist. I’m in a country that’s not my home and I want to document it. Crazy notion right?

Also being in a relationship with a photographer you kind of have to get used to having a camera out a lot and spending WAY longer in one place than a normal person. Hours are spent timelapsing on a rooftop in Manhattan’s Lower East Side capturing the sunset or sitting on the concrete when it’s 5 degrees looking at San Fran’s Golden Gate Bridge for way longer than you really need to, you’re cold, tired, you’ve just driven all day up the Highway 1 and you just want a god damn PHO…

Freezing cold evenings or uncomfortably hot days aside, after all is said and done, it will be helpful when the Alzheimers sets in.





So I’ve been working super long days at the moment, tiring, endless, stressful long days.

The only thing getting me through is that I actually get to do what I love on a daily basis, however close I get to complete mental breakdown.

Currently my life consists of BEEP BEEP BEEP, or some sort of horrible alarm noise, gym, work, sleep and repeat. Add in a meal or two here and there, a truck load of coffee, an astronomical work load and the typical crazy, atmosphere and personalities at any fashion label and I’ve officially got crazy eyes.

Coming soon – Sanity. I hope. And probably a relevant blog post of some kind.



Breathe in people, do you smell that? That’s the peak hour buses starting their regular timetable again, It’s the exhaust fumes from the cars that have been exploring coastal freeways instead of city bridges, and tunnels, it’s the cologne and perfume of people hustling and bustling their way back to work for the year. And it smells horrible.

Well while a lot of you have dusted off your suits, jeans, dresses… or whatever it is you wear to work, i’ve already been back for a week, and 2 days (yes I went back to work on the 2nd of January). What better way to throw myself into the year, than working like a pack horse, to get the first 3 months of SS15 designed and put into work before the whole of China closes for Chinese New Year.

Working long days, not getting home till very much past the latest of late dinner times has resulted in extremely low to null activity online and extremely high to unhealthy levels of late night carb intake, not to mention the predicted fall out from holiday feasting.

Fear not, there’s nothing a baggy playsuit can’t hide…

…queue segway into next blog post.

But first, here’s to a happy, healthy and productive 2015.