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Lately I’ve been spending almost every spare minute of the day and night where I’m not working, either on the couch or in bed with the blinds drawn in partial darkness. Although it sounds like it, I haven’t developed a chronic illness.

I’m just super busy working late and weekends which means that for the 10% of my week where I’m not working, my brain is also not working and I’m allowed to be a lazy, couch sitting, pizza wearing, pyjama eating slob. Wait did I say that right?

That means that unfortunately my time spent in and around the blogosphere has become a bit more erratic than it used to. Quality over quantity right? Or at least above average.

That’s what I’m telling myself anyway. Either that or you’d be getting outfit of the day posts of all the track pants I own…

And they’re not the fashion type.



It’s officially the weekend.

I’m trying to get to sleep, and all I can think about is when I road tripped from LA to Vegas, back to LA and then to San Fran up the Pacific Coast Highway.

One of the very first photos I took was on the highway between LA and Vegas. We were following this cool metallic truck and for some reason, it’s one of my favourite photos of the entire trip, taken through the windscreen of a Ford something something.

Take me back so I can ride that highway one more time.

This is where I could insert a sappy “life” quote, but instead, I’m just going to make the rest of you suffer by mentioning the song “Life is a Highway”, which has been stuck in my head since I started looking at this photo.




In April 2014 I took a little trip to the land of the free and the home of smokey, meaty, BBQ goodness, the U.S.A. Since then I have had a serious smoked BBQ meat craving.

Today It was well and truly satiated, when I made my way to The Oxford Tavern in Petersham, to sample Black Betty’s BBQ. Towards the end of last year, the crew from Drink ‘n’ Dine took over ownership of the Tavern. You may know them from past ventures such as Forresters, The Norfolk and The Carrington to name a few. In their most recent takeover, The Oxford Tavern has been through the signature Drink ‘n’ Dine make over, replacing topless waitresses, strippers and Jelly wrestling with bearded bar tenders in Hawaiin shirts, a taxidermied bear and a random assortment of stuff you’d find at Macklemore’s house. Most importantly they have introduced sweet sweet BBQ meats along with a new USA-ified menu featuring Bacon Sriracha Fries, Chilli Dogs, Fried Gaytimes and more as well as a range of beverages, local and imported to quench any thirst from Newtown’s Young Henrys Cider on tap to cans of Bud and St Moritz. In their trademark style, you won’t know what was actually brought in by the styling team and what was always there.

Enough chit chat about the “reno’d” venue, lets talk meat. Every weekend, Black Betty’s smokehouse takes center stage at the back of the Tavern in the newly refurbished beer garden, where you can still hear the faint sounds of the old pokies that used to take up residence. From 12pm Black Betty’s begins operations, serving freshly BBQ’d smoked meats until sold out. As you place your order, your meat is carved, weighed and plated in front of you.

We ordered 400gr of Pulled Pork, 200gr of Brisket, 1 Beef Short Rib, 1 Smoked Pork Sausage, 1 serving of Burnt End Beans and 1 serving of Kale & Edemame Salad to set some order in an otherwise meat filled universe. Accompanying the meal is a soft, sweet brioche bun and a good serving of ‘Slaw. Everything was delicious but the stand outs were the Pulled Pork, Beans and surprisingly the Smoked Sausage. The pork was juicy, stringy and served with just a dashing of BBQ sauce, which is just the way I like it. The beans were smokey, spicy and warming to the soul. It gave me greater pleasure eating them, knowing that each time meat was carved, the excess juices were scooped up and added to the bean pot, however, I would have loved some actual burnt ends thrown into the mix.

To accompany a truly decandent meal, $10 Bloody Mary’s (choose from 3 different styles) and a Young Henry’s Cider, oh and of course your token local crazy begging for money to pay her rent.

With all my favourite things in 1 place, The Oxford Tavern is now well and truly inserted into my eating roster.









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Starring Katie Fogarty and Frederikke Olesen

While moonlighting as a beginner blogger, my current day job is working in the Design Team for Australian label Jigsaw Clothing.

As with most established labels there will always come a time to make a change. In Jigsaw’s case we are making a change to align ourselves more with our slightly cooler older Sister Jigsaw UK, well known for supplying the UK with cool relaxed silhouettes and luxurious fabrics and prints for the last few decades.

Jigsaw Clothing Australia currently caters to all your workwear, tailoring and occasion needs and our SS14 collection offers all that and more. Smart day and casual wear are making a come back at Jigsaw where we are resuscitating our denim range.

Additionally we continue our homage to Jigsaw’s motherland with our work with Liberty’s of London, providing Australia with a touch of England in the form of their signature prints.

Above is a sneak peek of our SS14 campaign, set to officially launch at the beginning of August.



Ex Jigsaw Clothing Creative Director, Anthony Cuthbertson, has just been announced as Sass & Bides new Design Director

Jigsaw Clothing’s current Creative Director, Tonia Bastyan, arrived from the UK and has come from running her own successful label there called ‘Bastyan

Kate Middleton worked at Jigsaw UK as a Junior Accessories Buyer in 2006 for a year.