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All Saints Leather Jacket / One Teaspoon Fox Black Awesome Baggies

Flashback to 1 year, 1 month and 1 day at 2:24pm : Girl starts blog about fashion and food and spends some time writing posts that no one will ever read.

Flash forward to present day : Girl has blog about fashion and food with over 10,000 followers and wants to pull a Sally Fields Oscar moment and yell ” You like me, you really like me!!!!”

When I started my blog a little over a year ago I didn’t think anyone would be even remotely interested in reading my random, ramblings apart from my friends and family who it would be repeatedly forced upon through annoying Facebook updates.

Instead I’ve somehow ended up with willing followers, who I can harass with my thoughts as much as I want. Rookie mistake people.

But for reals, blogging has become an amazing outlet for me and knowing you guys are actually reading what I’m writing and responding to it, makes it super rewarding and fulfilling.

In other words…




















Jac & Jack Tee / Topshop ‘Mom’ jeans / Bands of LA belt (They All Hate Us) / Lipstick Shoes

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to the Sydney Cat Cafe pop up – Kitten edition. I basically spent my Saturday morning in a room full of kittens, so pretty much the best Saturday of the year so far.

With Cat cafes popping up all over the globe, it was only logical that Sydney would be hot on this paw-esome idea, with a couple of cat cafes already in the works, what would be more purr-fect than a pop up Kitten Cafe right? You don’t need to purr-suade me. These puns are getting paw-ful. OK I’m done.

So who do we have to thank for bringing this furry cafe to life? Meet Veronica Morland, the mastermind behind Sydney Cat Cafe. Veronica has a dream. That dream is to bring fuzziness, cuteness, happiness and rainbows to Sydney, as well as a permanent cat cafe. The cafe will be home to a number of rescue cats where they will comfortably live and sleep. But it doesn’t stop there, Veronica’s bigger picture is to hopefully find permanent, loveable homes for her feline friends. Patrons of the cafe can adopt the cats, only of course after thorough interviews and home checks. She is adamant that the best interests of the cats will always be at the top of her priority list. This includes ensuring that any future homes will be the most suitable environments for them to be lazy couch potatoes, as they slowly transform their owners into their personal slaves.

Every good business idea needs some buzz so between the 14th – 17th of May, Veronica decided to host a pop up kitten cafe at the William St Gallery in Paddington. Her guests of honour were a number of tiny 4 legged friends from Maggie’s Rescue. At the same time, she launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to help turn her idea into reality. The kitten pop up was a hit, selling out super fast, with cat enthusiasts losing their mind over the idea of spending 30 minutes in a room full of kittens. Needless to say I was pretty excited to get an email inviting me to join in on the fun.

I turned up on Saturday, excited and over stimulated like a cat on catnip. Small groups of no more than 15 people were allowed in for 30 minutes of play time, allowing everyone to get a cuddle, whilst not overwhelming the kittens. Soft plush beds were positioned around the room, while scratching posts fit for cat kings were primed for climbing and general lazing about.

Before I knew it 30 minutes was up and all the kittens were rounded back up into their beds to await the next group of 15 people, eagerly waiting outside. Needless to say, I left with a smile on my face, a bounce in my step, kitten hair all over my clothes and only the slightest allergic reaction.

Check out the Sydney Cat Cafe Kickstarter and back this awesome cause. Give rescue cats a chance, get a cool new cafe opened and get some cool stuff in return. Everybody wins. Veronica Morland is on a self proclaimed path to becoming head Crazy Cat Lady, so let’s not stand in the way of her true calling in life.

Crazy Cat Ladies unite.

Sydney Cat Cafe Kickstarter  – www.kickstarter.com/projects/992136329/sydney-cat-cafe

Maggies Rescue – www.maggiesrescue.org

Kitten flower crowns made by – www.kindredfloral.com.au







 Day 5

What better way to end a week in denim, than by doubling it.

After the week that i’ve had, there’s not much else to say today other than TGIF.

*Cracks open a cold fresh bud*

 Abercrombie & Finch Jeans similar here and here / Cotton On Denim Shirt here / Steve Madden Heels similar here







Day 3

Wednesday, otherwise known as hump day. The day that to some signifies the last half of the week and to others solidifies the fact that IT’S ONLY WEDNESDAY?!

For me, it’s a slow steady process before I truly cross the hump.

When I woke up today I was tired, grumpy and wanted nothing more than to pull my track pants on. As I stared blankly at my wardrobe, my eyes on my clothes but my mind firmly still on my sweats, I settled on the next best thing. My baggiest of baggy boyfriend jeans. There’s something amazingly comforting about being able to pull a pair of jeans on without undoing the fly. As I settled into baggy, unrestricted, denimy glory, I immediately began to see the glimmer of Friday afternoon in the distance, through my sleepy eyes.

There’s not many items of clothing that can be as comfortable as your pjs but still completely socially acceptable office attire. I threw on a loose t-shirt, an oversized long blazer and my most comfortable heels and I was out the door, ready and invigorated to take on the day.

And then I remember, It’s only WEDNESDAY…

Jigsaw UK Long Line Blazer similar here and here / Zara Basic Linen T-shirt similar here / Insight Boyfriend Jeans similar here and here / Marcs Heels similar here and here

 As a little treat for all my readers, consider this Long Line Blazer your extreme, exclusive, way ahead of time preview of what is to come next AW15 from Jigsaw Australia.

It’s good, trust me.





Day 2

It’s no word of a lie that the majority of my wardrobe is black, grey and white. Why? I’m not really sure, perhaps it was all the horrible colour choices I made in the 90’s and early 00’s. However, I do make a couple of exceptions to the colour rule, special occasions and denim.

With that in mind, here we are at day 2 of 5, featuring the newest addition to my denim family, the Zara Basic Dept Z1975 light washed jean. As with most of my denim companions, they didn’t last long before I got stuck into them with my dressmaking scissors.

Over the past few years I’ve developed a weird aversion to wearing unripped denim. I instinctively feel the need to ruin them immediately, almost like a right of passage, or a battle wound that they can brag about to their other denim counterparts. It’s the same sort of feeling you get with new shoes, I just want to run around in the dirt and make them look old.

You’d think after 13 pairs of jeans I would have a strategy, a special technique I could perhaps share with you? Sure, It’s a 3 step process really. Get your notebooks out, you’re going to want to write this down…

1) Pick a random spot, cut into it with my scissors

2) Rip open with hands (strangely satisfying)

3) Hope that I haven’t just ruined my brand new pair of jeans.

What can I say, I live on the edge.

No regrets. Mostly.

 Zara Basic Dept Z1975 Jean similar here / Uniqlo Men’s Shearling Hoodie / Saba Cotton Knit Jumper similar here and here / Fur Vest similar here and here / Miss KG Heels





Day 1

After a fleeting thought entered my mind that I needed a new pair of jeans, this sudden flash of brilliance soon turned to obsession as I started to scour the web for the perfect pair of denim duds to add to my collection.

After a few hours of aimless searching, I decided to re-evaluated the ratio of denim currently squished into my wardrobe. After counting at least 13 pairs of jeans and not having even touched my shorts drawer, I slowly closed all my web browsers, shut the lid of my lap top and slowly backed away…

And so begins my week in denim, where I feel it only right to pay tribute to a few of my old and new favourites every day for 5 days.

Where better to start on a horrible rainy Monday, than my oldest, most faithful pair of ripped, shredded and completely falling apart TSUBI jeans. Yes that’s right, purchased while the brand was still spelt TSUBI with a silent T, before they had to change to KSUBI with a silent K.

Starting off as a pair of very regular, black skinny jeans, enter a pair of sharp scissors and a boring day at home 5 years ago and they are now completely and purposefully ripped to shreds and literally about to split at the seams. Although loved, I feel that these puppies are well and truly about to go to denim heaven to be reunited with my old wide leg Sass and Bides and my favourite pedal pushers (yes I had more than 1 pair) from the early 90’s, along with a few other gems and train wrecks along the way. I feel i’m starting to cross the line between “derelicte” and homeless.

Rest well old friend. You were truly one of my favourites.

TSUBI Jeans similar here and here / Marcs Menwear Jumper similar here and here / Calvin Klein Booties similar here and here / Jigsaw Duffle Coat similar here and here