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So I’ve been a bit of a ghost for the last 3 months in the land of blogging. I’ve had a super busy last few months, leaving my old job, starting a new one and to be honest, blogging was at the bottom of the priority list.

I started this blog almost 2 years ago as a creative outlet. Something to do to relax and unwind, so pretty much an alternative to couch, pizza and Netflix. However, when your brain is burnt out from long weeks at work, your words usually don’t make it to the page outside of the office.

The last year has been hectic busy and I’ve been more career focused than I ever thought I could be. But as the end of the year draws closer, looking back I’ve focused way more of my life this year on work than, well, actual life.

There’s nothing like a bit of self realization to really kick you up the ass so you remember what’s important in life.

On that note, I’m taking off to Hawaii for Christmas and New Year to relax, unwind and chill to begin the new year the way every year should. On a beach, in the sun, with a drink in my hand.

Mahalo motherfuckers.



Lately I’ve been spending almost every spare minute of the day and night where I’m not working, either on the couch or in bed with the blinds drawn in partial darkness. Although it sounds like it, I haven’t developed a chronic illness.

I’m just super busy working late and weekends which means that for the 10% of my week where I’m not working, my brain is also not working and I’m allowed to be a lazy, couch sitting, pizza wearing, pyjama eating slob. Wait did I say that right?

That means that unfortunately my time spent in and around the blogosphere has become a bit more erratic than it used to. Quality over quantity right? Or at least above average.

That’s what I’m telling myself anyway. Either that or you’d be getting outfit of the day posts of all the track pants I own…

And they’re not the fashion type.



Jigsaw Linen Tee / Vintage Leather Skirt / Jigsaw Wool Fedora / Pamela Love Necklace

A vintage leather skirt and a white tee are a match made in monochrome, not to mention extremely affordable, heaven.

Anytime I walk into a vintage store I am all over that leather skirt section like a fat kid on cake. Usually you have to sift through a whole bunch of strangely fitting 80’s skirts. But when you do find something though, you can usually pick up a 100% leather, fully lined skirt for around $50-$70.

I found this perfectly fitting gem in a vintage store in Melbourne just off Brunswick street in May and I completely forgot I had it until recently. One of the hazards of having an almost all black wardrobe is that things manage to slip into the shadows.

On the up side, it makes grabbing things blindly and randomly in the mornings an extremely low risk activity.

Get the look




Asos (leather look) | Asos Leather | The Iconic


Cotton On | General Pants


Pamela Love







 Day 5

What better way to end a week in denim, than by doubling it.

After the week that i’ve had, there’s not much else to say today other than TGIF.

*Cracks open a cold fresh bud*

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