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With a top temperature of 31 degrees in sunny Sydney, I packed my bag this morning with the usual warm Spring day necessities. You know, sunglasses, lip balm, water… Sudafed, Claritin, tissues and let’s not forget nasal decongestant spray.

Yeap, after a gloriously sunny warm weekend I developed more than just a slight tan. I woke up with the most horribly congested head ever known to mankind and while I would have loved being at home on the couch, I was instead at work, sniffling, coughing, getting cold chills and in general being patient zero.

Sick day attire if I was at home? My biggest jumper, my IPhone, a blanket and not much else but a whiny, disgruntled look on my face.

Nothing new really.


Just Do It

Monday’s are usually the worst day of the week. Not only because it’s the first day of the work week, but usually because I’ve managed to eat the equivalent of a weeks worth, if not more, of food and calories in 2 days.

I’m not entirely sure what flicks the switch from relatively healthy eating to the eating habits of a teenage boy going through puberty, but it happens every Friday at around 5pm. Surely enough post dinner time I have eaten something either deep fried, cream laiden, smothered in all types of cheese imaginable, a type of fatty meat and/or as many carbs as I can think of. Trust me come Friday evening, I have consumed either 1, or sometimes all of the above. Top it off with a healthy helping of Ben & Jerrys, Fro-Yo or if I’m feeling fancy a Messina creation and there’s my Friday, Saturday and Sunday night literally on a giant plate.

Coming from someone who is what you could say, somewhat lactose challenged, it does not make for a great couple of days.

Suffice to say, come Monday, I want to run a hundred miles, bench press a hundred kilos, attend a pump class and finish off with a Yoga routine. And so comes today’s outfit inspo, because nothing makes you want to sweat it out like some shiny new gym gear and Nike’s trademark quote.

Just Do it.

*Opens a pack of peanut butter Oreos*

NIKE black shirt / NIKE activewear shorts / Nike sports bra / Watch / AIAIAI earbud headphone / Iphone case / CÉLINE celine sunglasses