Maison Margiela black tshirt dress / STELLA McCARTNEY coat / Yves Saint Laurent black high top shoes / 3 1 Phillip Lim black shoulder bag / Marni necklace  / Michael Kors stainless steel watch / Marni bracelets bangle / Smoke & Mirrors mirrored glasses

My favourite time of year is coming up.

It’s the last month of Winter and as the days start getting warmer, the need to layer fades. Soon the amazing feeling of throwing a coat on over a short t-shirt dress and kicks will be all you need to step outside into the great outdoors. Gone will be the days of trying fruitlessly to grab on to the ends of cardigan or sweater sleeves so that they don’t bunch up under your coat sleeves. Which by the way are way too tight to fit anything under comfortably anyway.

As a minimal dresser, layering items in Winter is just not my forte. I end up just being either way too cold, or way too hot. Also anyone who wears a lot of black will know the pain of putting on a entire black outfit, consisting of many layers, only to find that some of the blacks you’re wearing are blue/black, some are red/black and some are green/black…

The struggle is real.







Day 4

After baggying it out yesterday in my BFs it only felt right to step into or should I say shimmy into my tight black jeans. Who am I kidding, they’re definitely jeggings.

As much as I hate the idea of a pair of leggings masquerading as a pair of jeans, these are a no brainer to pull on. Especially when I’m in a flustered rush in the morning, because I happened to hit snooze button one too many times. We’ve all been there, warm, comfortable and blissfully unaware that in exactly 9 minutes you will be thrown into a world of panic when you realise you’re meant the be in the office opening emails in exactly 35mins.

In times like this, I’m glad that 80% of my wardrobe is black. By completely limiting my colour choices over the years, I’ve pretty much guaranteed myself a 90% hit rate of not looking awful.

Black tee, tick. Black blazer, tick. Black jeans… with an elasticised waistband? DOUBLE TICK.

Boiled Wool Blazer (by yours truly) similar here and here / Nike Logo Tee similar here and here / Country Road Jeggings similar here and here / Nike Dunks Ski Hi here / Marcs Bobble Scarf similar here and uber splurge version here

NB. My shoes are glowing orbs of Nike goodness in the photos so if you actually want to see what they look like, here they are taking their first bright white steps in the sunny seaside town of Monterey, CA while I was on a road trip from LA to SF up the Pacific Coast Highway. They’ve seen some shit.