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All I want for Christmas

Can anyone actually believe that Christmas is in FOUR DAYS?

When you’re a kid, you literally want everything for Christmas. All the things, ever created, everything, just give it to me.

As you get slightly older, you learn the valuable lesson about quality VS quantity, but yet you still want ALL OF THE THINGS.

Finally you get to the point in your life where you actually learn the value of money and you realise that most of the time presents are a massive waste of money, unless there’s something you genuinely want or need.

We become sensible grown up humans, asking for things like exercise gear to pre-empt the usual New Years resolutions, bath towels, sheet sets or Soda Streams. Gifts become less of a treat ad more of a necessity. Less of an “I want” and more of an “I need”. What happened to that little girl who asked Santa for a real live unicorn? Well screw it. This year I’m asking for a unicorn. A really big one. The best one money can buy.

… Either that or i’ll settle for anything Helmut Lang.



The right pair of BF jeans can be on par in comfort to leggings or track pants, while still being deemed appropriate attire to wear out on a Saturday night.

The chameleon of the clothing world these bad boys can settle in comfortably to almost any environment they are placed in.

A loose singlet or T-shirt and a pair of Chuck Taylors or Toms and you’re good to go to anything from grocery shopping to a creative work place to a casual dinner.

Throw on a long line blazer and some heels and your options are virtually endless, taking you to infinity and beyond or perhaps just to dinner and dancing. It can even be utilised as an effortlessly cool ensemble to a date night with your fave boy or a potentially awkward first date.

Or if you’re like me and are slightly decision making challenged between comfort and style on a day to day basis, wake up with bed hair, throw on a slouchy knit, your baggiest BF’s and a pair of strappy heels and voila. Oh and the ridiculously lacy bra that gives you no support, to remind myself deep down, I’m still a girl.

Just remember the golden rule, if the lower half is ripped, the top half must be clean. Aka don’t rock around in your most ripped up BF’s and an old beaten up top. Keep it clean up top with a simple t-shirt, silk blouse or knit jumper. You don’t want people throwing their loose change at you while you wait for your morning coffee.

Boyfriend on people. The right pair are waiting for you out there, some where.

La Garçonne Moderne black turtleneck shirt / J.Crew straight leg jeans / La Perla clothing / Sam Edelman high heels stiletto / Pierre balmain handbag / Monki evening handbag / Yves saint laurent bracelet / Watch / Ray-ban glasses