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All Saints Leather Jacket / One Teaspoon Fox Black Awesome Baggies

Flashback to 1 year, 1 month and 1 day at 2:24pm : Girl starts blog about fashion and food and spends some time writing posts that no one will ever read.

Flash forward to present day : Girl has blog about fashion and food with over 10,000 followers and wants to pull a Sally Fields Oscar moment and yell ” You like me, you really like me!!!!”

When I started my blog a little over a year ago I didn’t think anyone would be even remotely interested in reading my random, ramblings apart from my friends and family who it would be repeatedly forced upon through annoying Facebook updates.

Instead I’ve somehow ended up with willing followers, who I can harass with my thoughts as much as I want. Rookie mistake people.

But for reals, blogging has become an amazing outlet for me and knowing you guys are actually reading what I’m writing and responding to it, makes it super rewarding and fulfilling.

In other words…









Day 4

After baggying it out yesterday in my BFs it only felt right to step into or should I say shimmy into my tight black jeans. Who am I kidding, they’re definitely jeggings.

As much as I hate the idea of a pair of leggings masquerading as a pair of jeans, these are a no brainer to pull on. Especially when I’m in a flustered rush in the morning, because I happened to hit snooze button one too many times. We’ve all been there, warm, comfortable and blissfully unaware that in exactly 9 minutes you will be thrown into a world of panic when you realise you’re meant the be in the office opening emails in exactly 35mins.

In times like this, I’m glad that 80% of my wardrobe is black. By completely limiting my colour choices over the years, I’ve pretty much guaranteed myself a 90% hit rate of not looking awful.

Black tee, tick. Black blazer, tick. Black jeans… with an elasticised waistband? DOUBLE TICK.

Boiled Wool Blazer (by yours truly) similar here and here / Nike Logo Tee similar here and here / Country Road Jeggings similar here and here / Nike Dunks Ski Hi here / Marcs Bobble Scarf similar here and uber splurge version here

NB. My shoes are glowing orbs of Nike goodness in the photos so if you actually want to see what they look like, here they are taking their first bright white steps in the sunny seaside town of Monterey, CA while I was on a road trip from LA to SF up the Pacific Coast Highway. They’ve seen some shit.






Day 1

After a fleeting thought entered my mind that I needed a new pair of jeans, this sudden flash of brilliance soon turned to obsession as I started to scour the web for the perfect pair of denim duds to add to my collection.

After a few hours of aimless searching, I decided to re-evaluated the ratio of denim currently squished into my wardrobe. After counting at least 13 pairs of jeans and not having even touched my shorts drawer, I slowly closed all my web browsers, shut the lid of my lap top and slowly backed away…

And so begins my week in denim, where I feel it only right to pay tribute to a few of my old and new favourites every day for 5 days.

Where better to start on a horrible rainy Monday, than my oldest, most faithful pair of ripped, shredded and completely falling apart TSUBI jeans. Yes that’s right, purchased while the brand was still spelt TSUBI with a silent T, before they had to change to KSUBI with a silent K.

Starting off as a pair of very regular, black skinny jeans, enter a pair of sharp scissors and a boring day at home 5 years ago and they are now completely and purposefully ripped to shreds and literally about to split at the seams. Although loved, I feel that these puppies are well and truly about to go to denim heaven to be reunited with my old wide leg Sass and Bides and my favourite pedal pushers (yes I had more than 1 pair) from the early 90’s, along with a few other gems and train wrecks along the way. I feel i’m starting to cross the line between “derelicte” and homeless.

Rest well old friend. You were truly one of my favourites.

TSUBI Jeans similar here and here / Marcs Menwear Jumper similar here and here / Calvin Klein Booties similar here and here / Jigsaw Duffle Coat similar here and here