I sat in a cafe in Copenhagen across the road from these guys for ages until they saw me and threw some peace signs my way

Last year I found my mum’s old film camera and decided to snap a roll of film. I developed it and the photos were terrible but nostalgic and I loved them.

Knowing not much at all about apertures and shutter speeds didn’t help. So having to figure all that out on film along side all the variables like film type, iso, lenses, focal distance etc was a bit of a mess. Also the amount of times I’ve left the lens cap on my rangefinder camera is laughable.

What I knew going into this was that I would be terrible. What I didn’t realize was how character building it would be for an impatient, irritable person like me. I’ve definitely learned patience during this process and also putting thought and effort into taking 1 photo as opposed to firing off 10 on your iPhone, checking them to see that none were great and then snapping an extra 20.

I haven’t really found a schtick for my photography. It’s pretty random, lots of travel, some work related content, food, people, houses, 1 pregnancy shoot that I convinced my friend to let me experiment on her with, a shitty old couch etc.

13 rolls of film, 4 cameras (2 of which I broke), 7 months later, I’m still only scratching the sometimes very out of focus and over or under exposed surface.

Flickr link for some of what I’ve shot so far.

Shitty old couch

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