So I’ve been working super long days at the moment, tiring, endless, stressful long days.

The only thing getting me through is that I actually get to do what I love on a daily basis, however close I get to complete mental breakdown.

Currently my life consists of BEEP BEEP BEEP, or some sort of horrible alarm noise, gym, work, sleep and repeat. Add in a meal or two here and there, a truck load of coffee, an astronomical work load and the typical crazy, atmosphere and personalities at any fashion label and I’ve officially got crazy eyes.

Coming soon – Sanity. I hope. And probably a relevant blog post of some kind.


  1. Styles by Steffany

    Denim & Dumplings I can completely sympathize with you! I have the same problems with life right now but you have to add the curveball of the “FLU” in there! Myself, five year old, and 2 month old have suffered for the last week or so. How annoying and draining… We will make it. Stay coffeed up and everything will work out lol. #coffeelife #studentlife


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