Breathe in people, do you smell that? That’s the peak hour buses starting their regular timetable again, It’s the exhaust fumes from the cars that have been exploring coastal freeways instead of city bridges, and tunnels, it’s the cologne and perfume of people hustling and bustling their way back to work for the year. And it smells horrible.

Well while a lot of you have dusted off your suits, jeans, dresses… or whatever it is you wear to work, i’ve already been back for a week, and 2 days (yes I went back to work on the 2nd of January). What better way to throw myself into the year, than working like a pack horse, to get the first 3 months of SS15 designed and put into work before the whole of China closes for Chinese New Year.

Working long days, not getting home till very much past the latest of late dinner times has resulted in extremely low to null activity online and extremely high to unhealthy levels of late night carb intake, not to mention the predicted fall out from holiday feasting.

Fear not, there’s nothing a baggy playsuit can’t hide…

…queue segway into next blog post.

But first, here’s to a happy, healthy and productive 2015.


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