Although we’re not quite into Summer yet, last Friday definitely marked the turning point for me. It was a day that separated the strong from the weak, the men from the boys and the functional A/C units from the non-functional.

Sure enough as temps reached 34 degrees in Sydney City at 10am, our A/C at work decided it had had enough and took off to the beach, or to someone else’s office with a working system. Needless to say, the hair went up, the shoes came off, the whining and whinging commenced and I watched a group of relatively mature individuals turn into sweaty, grumpy hot messes. Literally.

If news reports are correct, Sunday is also set to break AC units state wide as we prepare for a 40 degree day, in other words, the hottest November day on record for the last 5 years.

Ideal scenario for a 40 degree day? Wearing nothing, while sitting in a cool 17 degree temperature controlled room.

Second place goes to a bathing suit, an ice cold Corona and a gentle sea breeze.




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