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Mondays are usually not the most enjoyable day of the week. Add together the remnants of a hangover from a Weekend of indulgence with a collection of late Friday afternoon emails that you didn’t get to, along with a FedEx delivery full of approvals and a few other pretty bad bits of news and you have the recipe to make you either want to run a mile and sweat it out or turn to the bottle.

Luckily with Summer just around the corner I pushed away the bottle, stood firm in my Nike’s and powered through an intense cardio session, after which, I ate a Pork and fennel Sausage roll and some creamy potato and broccoli thing that was definitely too delicious to be any good for you.

Pointless exercise, yes. Therapeutic work out session, definitely.

Mission accomplished.

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  1. stylishaffairs

    Indeed the leggings are of great quality and after scrolling through your pictures and posts i can say that i like your style very much. The fedora and the sandals you wore in “Leather Love” are some of the accessories that i’ll absolutely look to get one these days. Can you please follow my blog via email and wordpress? Please, please, please…please.


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