Jigsaw Linen Tee / Vintage Leather Skirt / Jigsaw Wool Fedora / Pamela Love Necklace

A vintage leather skirt and a white tee are a match made in monochrome, not to mention extremely affordable, heaven.

Anytime I walk into a vintage store I am all over that leather skirt section like a fat kid on cake. Usually you have to sift through a whole bunch of strangely fitting 80’s skirts. But when you do find something though, you can usually pick up a 100% leather, fully lined skirt for around $50-$70.

I found this perfectly fitting gem in a vintage store in Melbourne just off Brunswick street in May and I completely forgot I had it until recently. One of the hazards of having an almost all black wardrobe is that things manage to slip into the shadows.

On the up side, it makes grabbing things blindly and randomly in the mornings an extremely low risk activity.

Get the look




Asos (leather look) | Asos Leather | The Iconic


Cotton On | General Pants


Pamela Love

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