“Winter is Coming”, or so we were promised in season 1 of Game of Thrones. Now, with 4 seasons down, we find ourselves still patiently waiting and Winter has still, not come.

Similarly Sydney siders have found themselves in a similar predicament, minus the Giants, Whitewalkers, Wolves, Dragons and the biggest battle The Wall has ever seen.

However, today, you finally came through with the blustery, icy, Winter goods. It only took you two and a half months of lukewarm “winter” days and the threat of Spring around the corner, to actually get there.

Thankfully this icy blast coincided directly with designing Jigsaw’s AW15 coats. With freezing cold toes and a sniffly nose as my inspiration, I armed myself with my thinking cap, in the form of my Brooklyn Nets Pom Pom beanie, and I directed my full attention to researching styles, fabrics and everything outerwear.

Next season you will be seeing the continuation of a more relaxed silhouette, semi masculine styling, checks, plaids, herringbones and tweeds.

The season will be all about bringing a subtle femininity to slightly masculine styling. Tones of powder blue, hues of dusty blush and notes of lilac will be paired with easy throw-on, straight, DB coats. While large, brushed checks and knit textured tweeds will envelop you in comforting cocoon shapes with oversized collars, pockets and sleeves.

Come AW15, for those of you who haven’t already met, say hello to the season of ‘Relaxed Femininity’.

AKA my most comfortable Winter wardrobe yet.










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